Sales Tax SROs

Sales Tax SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
1321(I)/2019 Exclusion of Third Schedule items from purview of value addition tax under Twelfth Schedule 08-11-2019
1290(I)/2019 Exclusions from Section 8B 30-10-2019
1203(I)/2019 Amendment in Sales Tax Rules, 2006 10-10-2019
1190(I)/2019 In Supersession of its Notification SRO 647(I)|2007, dated 27-6-2007 02-10-2019
1087(I)/2019 Liability to pay Sales Tax in case of supply of Ginned Cotton 19-09-2019
993(I)/2019 Rescinding S.R.O 697(I)/2019 dated 29.06.2019 04-09-2019
918(I)/2019 Amendment in the Sales Tax Rules, 2006 07-08-2019
723(I)/2019 Amendment in S.R.O 690(I)/2019 dated 29.06.2019 06-07-2019
700(I)/2019 Petroleum S.R.O 30-06-2019
690(I)/2019 Value of supply to CNG consumers 29-06-2019
691(I)/2019 Amendment in S.R.O 190(I)/2002 dated 02.04.2002 29-06-2019
692(I)/2019 Amendment in S.R.O 648(I)/2013 dated 09.07.2013 29-06-2019
693(I)/2019 Amendment in S.R.O 509(I)/2013 dated 12.06.2013 29-06-2019
694(I)/2019 Rescinding S.R.O 68(I)/2006 29-06-2019
697(I)/2019 Value of locally produced goods 29-06-2019