Wheat Crop Protection

Crop harvest technology:

Crop harvest, its time and method are important features to reduce yield losses in cereal grain crops. The wheat crop must be harvested after maturity, keeping in view the golden color of ears and straw and also solid condition of the grain. Threshing of wheat must be done by a machine such as wheat thresher, which reduces grain losses from 5 to 10 per cent as compared to threshing of wheat by the use of bullocks. Seed cleaning and grading is limiting factor for quality maintenance in wheat. For pure seed production, the mixtures of other varieties should be rouged out before crop harvest. The weeds of wheat should be removed off before mature their seeds.

Seed quality maintenance:

The harvested materials of any particular variety should be kept separately in a bulk to avoid mixtures of seed. The precautionary measures must be taken during threshing, winnowing and cleaning of wheat seeds to avoid mixtures. The seed graders and sieves may be used to clean and screen out inert matter and small or undersized seeds for maintaining seed quality. The proper storage of seeds under hygienic condition is also a measure for quality control. This whole scenario of production technology leads to obtain higher wheat yields, which might solve food grain shortage problem in the country. Pakistan is very near to the door steps of self sufficiency in wheat production and it is hoped that we would emerge as wheat exporter in the world.