Adding Manure & Fertilizer

Balanced Fertilizer Use:

Wheat crop needs balanced use of chemical fertilizer, which is applied at the time of sowing and it must be completed up-to first and/or second irrigation. Full dose of phosphorous should be given at the time of sowing and nitrogen should be applied in split doses i.e. half at the time of sowing and half at first or second irrigation. But, the fertilizer dose must be selected after soil test with regard to its quality and crop needs. Wheat requires adequate amount of nitrogen and phosphorous during early growth period for vigorous growth that ultimately enhance crop yield.

Types of Fertilizers

Fertilizer refers to any compound that contains one or more chemical elements, organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic, that is placed on or incorporated into the soil or applied to directly onto plants to achieve normal growth. The main supply sources of plant nutrients include organic manures, plant residues, biological nitrogen fixation and commercial inorganic fertilizers.

The chemical fertilizers can be broadly classified into: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers. A straight fertilizer contains only one of the nutrients. A compound fertilizer contains two or more nutrients. A complex fertilizer that is formed by mixing ingredients that react chemically, as opposed to a mechanical mixture of two or more fertilizers. A low analysis fertilizer product contains a low percentage of nutrients, usually 30 per cent or less and a high analysis fertilizer contains more than 30 per cent.

AnalysisNitrogen (N)Phosphate (P2O5)Potash (K2O)Sulphur (S)
Nitrogen Fertilizers
Ammonium Nitrate (Granular)34-0-034 000
Ammonium Sulphate-Urea34-0-0340011
Ammonium Sulphate21-0-0210024
Anhydrous Ammonia (Gas)82-0-082000
Urea-Ammonium Nitrate Solution28-0-028000
Phosphate Fertilizers
Mono-Ammonium Phosphate12-51-0125101.5
Mono-Ammonium Phosphate11-5-0115500
Ammonium Polyphosphate Solution10-34-0103400
Nitrogen Phosphates
Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate16-20-01620014
Ammonium Nitrate Phosphate23-23-0232300
Ammonium Nitrate Phosphate27-14-0271400
Urea Ammonium Phosphate27-27-0272700
Urea Ammonium Phosphate34-17-0341700
Potash Fertilizers
Potash Chloride0-0-6000600
Potassium Sulphate0-0-53-12005212
Sulphate Fertilizers
Ammonium Sulphate20-0-0-(24)200024
Gypsum (Agricultural)0-0-000090-99
Ammonium Thiosulphate Solution12-0-0-(26)120026
All fertilizers must show the guaranteed nutrient analysis on the label.

Fertilizers Available in The Market

SR. #Trade NameNutrient in PercentMicro NutrientName of Company
17 Star DAP1846--United Agro Chemicals
2Accelerate---6% Zn4 Brothers Agri. Serv. Pak
3Adjust---6% Zn (Ch)DJC
4Agral Super Tonic10107.5-Agral Enterprises
5Agral Zorawer---12 ZnAgral Enterprises
6Agri Zoo---10% ZnAgri Farm Service
7Award (H.Acid)---50% H. AcidDJC
8Base---50% H. AcidDJC
9Bio-Phos TM---50% H. AcidSayban International
10Boll Feed---5% Boron4N Fertilizers
11Boost up Plus---1% NFP4 Brothers Agri. Serv. Pak
13Bouncer---5% BoronSun Crop Pesticide
14Bumper Cotton886-FMC
15Chandi Danidar8---Star Agro Chemical
16Cheetah Zinc---2.% Zinc (Ch)Welcon Agro Chemicals
17Classic---Zn 6%, B 4%DJC
18Cotton Plus866-Auriga Chemical Enterprises
20DAP1846--Engro Fert. Ltd
21DAP1846--Fauji Fert. Co.
22DAP1846--United Agro Chem.
23Diamond Zn---10% ZnAgri Aid. Ent.
24EdZn---33% ZnEdgro Pvt.) Ltd.
25Inergizer Humic Acid---50% H. AcidWarble
26Fashion NPK886-DJC
27Foundation Plus---8% H. Acid4B Fertilizers
28Golden Cotton886-DJC
29Golden Harvest5182-Al-Sher Agro Services
30Grow Up1047-Sayban Int.
31Help SSP-18--Grow Green
32CAN26---Fatima Fertilizer Co.
33CAN26---Pak Arab Fertilizer
34Helper---40g ZnSayban Int.
35High Power---3.3% ZnAl-Rehman Bilal Int. Pri.
36Hit Zn---10% ZnWelcon Ch
37Humic Acid---50% H. AcidAli Akbar Int. Pri
38Isabian12.7---Syngenta Pak. Ltd.
39Janat Granular OM)---25% OMNational Agro Crop (Pvt.) Ltd.
40Kissan Plus SSP (G)-14--Hazra Phosphate Fert. Ltd.
41KSS Supreme Tonic---2% ZnKissan Supplies Serv. Ltd
42Left Up Zinc---10% ZnDJC
43Lilly Boron---5% BAl-Sher Agro Services
44Magnet---50% H. AcidAli Akber Ent.
45Medal886-Al-Sher Agro Services
46National Zn---10% ZnNational Agro Crop
47Naya Zinc---5% ZnSyngenta Pak Ltd.
48Nova Bio (G)54--Nova Bio Tech Aust. Pvt.) Ltd.
50NP (22:20)2220--Engro Fert. Ltd.
51NP (22:20)2220--Pak Agro
53Power Zinc Sulphate---21% ZnAgrowin (Pvt.) Ltd.
54Pure (H. Acid)---50% H. AcidAgri Aid Ent.
55Qaim Zn Ch 2.5%---2.5% Zn (Ch)Pasban Agro Services
56Royal Power Zn 5%---5% ZnPak Pensy Int. Pri.
57Rustam Tonic---4% ZnJullundur Pvt. Ltd.
58Sever Plus---8% H. Acid4B Fertilizers
59Sher Zinc---21% ZnEragon Pesticide Crop
60Shining Zinc---10% ZnWarble Pvt. Ltd.
61Sohni Dharti2.3---Welcon Agro Chemicals
62Soluber---20% BSyngenta Pak Ltd.
63Sona DAP1846--FFBL
64Sona DAP1846--FFC
65Sona Isalhkar---50% H. AcidSona Agro Chemicals
66Sona Urea46---FFBL
67Sona Urea46---FFC
68Sona Urea (G)46---FFBL
69Sona Urea (G)46---FFC
71Star NPK Danidar181818-Star Agro Chemical
72Strock---6% Zn, 4% BTarget Ali Akbar
73Target Zn---10% ZnAli Akbar
74Tarzan DAP1846--4 Brothers Fertilizer
75Trade Crop---2.48% ZnSwat Agro Chemicals
76Trican NPK (8:8:6)888-Sun Crop Pesticide
77Urea46---Engro Fert. Ltd.
79Urea46---Fatima Fert Compnay
81Urea (G)46---TCP
82Urea Khad46---Trade Crop Pak
83Utha Zn---5% Zn (Ch)UDL
85Zarcon---10% ZnAuriga Chemicals
86Zarkhaiz82318-Engro Fert. Ltd.
87Zarkhaiz Green----Engro
88Zegron---2.5% Zn (Ch)AMIS Int. Marketing Serv.
89Zeneca---10% ZnSayban International
90Zinco Ma---2.5 Zn (Ch)Dot Ma Agri. Divi
91Zingran---2% Zn (Ch)Grow Green Int.
92Zingro---33% ZnEngro
93Zinkron---33% ZnSun Crop
94Zinkron Plus---10% ZnSun Crop Pesticide
95Zintox Plus---33% Zn (G)FMC