Sugarcane Harvesting in Pakistan

Stop irrigation 25 to 30 days before the harvest of crop and do not leave the harvested crop for long time in the field. In case it has to be kept for a prolonged period, it should be covered with trash. Different varieties planted may be harvested according to their maturity. Harvesting of early maturing varieties may be started during November, mid-season varieties during December and the late maturing varieties during January. The crop harvested during February – March gives good ratoon crop.

Pakistan Sugarcane Harvesting in Pakistan

Harvesting is done when the crop has fully matured and ripened. Early varieties and ratoon crops are the first to be harvested. When the stem is close to the surface, great vigilance is required in order to cut the maximum portion of the stem, which is valuable both for its weight and sugar content. The harvested cane should be immediately hauled to the mill otherwise weight and sucrose losses may occur.