Equipments / Machinery Types Used in Sugarcane Crop Cultivation

mouldboard plough

Is a unique implement which is directly mounted to the tractor. This is a hydraulically operated basis implement for preparation of land. It is very useful in very hard land condition and in soils.

tine tillers

Ideal for general cultivating, weeding, pasture renovating and preparing seed beds. The tiller is available in different widths 9,11 and 13 tines. The tiller is fully mounted on the tractor. The continual flexing action of the tines shatters the soil, breaking up the clods. The tiller is fitted with reversible shovels which are designed for deep penetration. A deep working depth is possible in most soils and is simply controlled from the tractor seat. Cultivator is most commonly used in Pakistan for field preparation. It essentially has tines with reversible high carbon showel points at the end arranged in two rows on a sturdy steel frame. Depth of operation is controlled by tractor hydraulic.

Disc Plough

It is a plough with its large steel disc. A disc plough works well in the conditions where Mould Board plough does not work satisfactory. It is more useful for deep ploughing It can be used in stony and stumpy soil without much danger of breakage. It works in loose soil also without much clogging.

disc harrow
Disc Harrow is very commonly used equipment in Pakistan for field preparation and used prior to harrow especially in fields with big shrubs and wild grass. It essentially has high carbon discs arranged in two rows on a sturdy channel frame. The front row has seven scalloped discs and the rear row has seven plain discs and it is ideally suited for 40 HP tractor. Depth of operation is controlled by tractor hydraulic. It is also available in 16 discs.
farm trolley
Farm trolley is usually 2 wheels or 4 wheels type (non-tipping / hydraulic tipping) depending on the usage requirements. They can be hitched to any make or model of tractor. The trolley is provided open able panels for loading/unloading the material on the trolley.
bed planter
The bed plantation of crops is being limited to saline and hard soil, but now a days this method of cultivation can also be adapted to normal soil for low cost of production. By this method of cultivation, along with low cost of production, at least 30% water can also be saved. The crop can also be protected against flood water and unexpected raining to some extent. Depth of seed, and seed to seed distance can also can be adjusted as required one to four seeds can be planted at a time.
Rotavator is a rotary tillage implement driven by PTO (Power Take of) which cuts, mixes and levels the soil in single pass. Rotavator can be used in any type and texture of soil rotavator can be used for any type of crop especially for uprooting the stubbles of sugarcane, cotton, banana and jowar etc. Rotavator helps the farmer to catch the season because the harvested plot can be immediately rotavated fixing the rotavator to tractor is a simple as fixing any other implement which needs no alternation of any special skills.
sugarcane planter
It is a semi-automatic machine. It has ability to plant the sugarcane in two or three rows at a time according to requirement. This planter mounted on three links of tractor. It is driven by PTO shaft of tractor. The sugarcane without skin/cover places on planter and sugarcane falls vertically downward by labour man seating on the planter. The automatic moving blade of the planter cuts these sugarcane into pieces of 375-500 mm. These pieces fall into seeding rows prepared by ridger attached with planter. The number of these pieces can be controlled by the speed of PTO shaft and ground speed of tractor. The system to fall the fertilizer is also attached with this planter.
border disc
This machine is to formed the ridges around the fields. The straight and strong ridges can be formed by it in short time and by less working. There are bushes and grass on the edges of field, which effect the beauty of field and also create the problems in plowing. Therefore it is very difficult work to form the new ridges but border disc machine makes it very easily.
fertilizer spread
This machine is attached at the back of tractor and driven by PTO, with the help of this machine, the fertilizer spread over the field uniformly and production of crop increases. This spreading of fertilizer over the fields and plants in very easier through this machine. Its saves the time and also distributes fertilizer uniformly over the field. When the mixture of fertilizers are required to distribute in the field, then this job can be done by this machine very easily and quickly. The uniform distribution of fertilizer in field increases the crop production.
chisel plough
This plough is best for those lands particularly having upper layer of soil more fertilized than deep soil, and also have place salt at deep layer of soil. After using chisel plough, the natural factors like air, sunlight and rain water can effect the soil's layers. In this way the natural fertility of the soil increases significantly before the cultivation of wheat, cotton, sugarcane and before tree plantation, if deep ploughing is done with chisel plough then the growth of these crops and plants increases extra ordinary. The chisel's tines can be adjusted at different position for ploughing in lines at different distance and different depth. Chisel plough is best for “ Barani land” especially, because it maintains the upper layer of soil as such and with out disturbing and crumbling of upper soil it only breaks the deep soil. In this way the moisture due to rain water conserves for long time decide this the upper layer of fertilizer soil conserves against the erosion due to fast raining and air blowing.