Pakistan Local Cotton Prices and Market Commentary 10th October 2017

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Prices moved higher on the cotton market on Monday despite strong pace of seed cotton arrivals, dealers said. The official spot rate gained Rs 50 to Rs 6050, they said. In the ready疣坴疧趏疣腱痪瞞ܛ)ܛĀ㺣痨帉痨Ѐ瑖ӽ華يৼܛĀ�৻彿Ӿ奋Ӿ巫ӾṾৼ⋚ৼ彿Ӿ⋎ৼ塚Ӿ⋚ৼꍈԃيৼ學Ӿ漸ԃ圔Ӿيৼ圞Ӿ圭Ӿ華W) )扜瞎'ܛ䐺痨暼瞞ܛ) ܛĀ㺣痨ܛ€華ܛ€䀷痩ܛұܛ㵶痩ܛپৼ樓Item⍞ৼCount頻磻ܛ氼ۿܛۿ씢痩汀ۿ⨞�䥷ӾṾৼ⍞ৼ�ԃ⋎ৼۿ卵華ӿն謁ᡸ�ԃ⋎ৼW⍞ৼ㨼ŀ襤謁凜W若直W若筀ʠ謁ᡸWW筀ʠ䀹ᡠt᨜蟴疣Љ므܆鲬ұ蠯疣殐ۿEo毤ۿ뻸܄뻸܄⨛Q씢痩毨ۿվৼi窱ﱄ﫜﫼먙ӽվৼ毨ۿi窱ﱄ﫜먰ӽﱄ

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