Pakistan Embassy Holds Mango Festival in China To Boost Mango Export

BEIJING: To further introduce and popularize Pakistani mangoes in China, an exquisite "Mango Festival" and launch of "Exploring CPEC" was organized at Embassy of Pakistan here on Tuesday.

The festival was organized in collaboration with China Economic Net, Jaffer Brothers and YLF Foods.

Welcoming the audience, Ambassador Naghmana Hashmi introduced Pakistani mangoes, their variants, superior quality and its growing overseas market.

She recalled that late Chairman Mao Zedong had introduced Pakistan mangoes in China in 1968 when he shared a gift of mangoes with party and PLA cadres.

She said that Pakistan mangoes is considered as one of the best in the world and added, such events help in cementing the people to people bond between Pakistan and China.

The ambassador urged the Chinese business community to explore the untapped market of Pakistani fruits especially mangoes and citrus fruits and its processing.

Wang Xudong, President of China Economic Net thanked the Embassy of Pakistan for their support and termed the event as a channel for introducing Pakistani mango to China.

Pakistan exporters apprised the audience about the unique qualities of Pakistani mangoes, making Pakistan one of the largest mango exporters.

A documentary "BatieMang" about launch of CPEC was screened which generated interest among the participants. It was followed by a "Mango Cooking Show" wherein chefs prepared mango themed dishes.

The ambassador along with Chinese dignitaries cut a cake specially prepared from Pakistan mangoes.

A large number of guests including Chinese dignitaries, government officials, diplomats and media persons attended the event and had a first-hand experience of the taste and aroma of the famous Pakistani mangoes.

The guests attending the festival were served with fresh mangoes and mango cuts as well as wide-range of mango delicacies such as mango milk-shake, mango lassi and mango cake.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the variety of dishes and hailed the unique and sweet taste of Pakistani Mangoes.

Pakistani mango is one of the best in the world and it has more than 400 varieties and the most popular commercial varieties were different in colours and sizes and each with a distinct flavor and taste. Chaunsa and Sindhri' are popular varieties and stood up amongst mangoes with golden yellow color.

In Pakistan, mangoes are called as king of fruits and it is grown in Punjab and Sindh provinces.

Pakistani mangoes available in markets in abundant from May to September, are mainly used as fresh but it is also used in preparing different derivative such as jams, squash, milkshake and ice cream.

On this occasion, Embassy was swathed in flags and flyers. Guest visited various stalls displaying mango delicacies and Pakistani food with traditional Pakistani music being played in the background.