Cotton Picking Must Be Carried Out In Daylight

Punjab Agriculture Department has advised the cotton growers that cotton picking process should be carried out in daylight as suitable time starts from 10 in morning.

A spokesman of the department said on Sunday that cotton picking must be started when cotton bolls were opened upto 50 per cent.

He said that the picking must initiated from bottom of the plant to upwards with an interval of 10 to 20 days.

"Workers picking cotton must cover their heads with clean Cretonne (Soti) piece of cloth," he added.

He suggested that the growers not to place cotton pods in shade or wet places as they must be placed on trampoline or cretonne cloth in sunlight and dry area.

Spokesman said that only Cretonne made sack was recommended for transporting cotton pods to the cotton ginning factory. He said local and international markets prefer clean cotton and farmers must ensure to follow agriculture department recommended cotton picking guidelines to get good price of their yield.