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Fish production exceeds 3,200 tons per annum in KP

PAR Feb 4, 2019 0

PESHAWAR – Fish production in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has exceeded 3,200 tons per annum owing to construction of new fish hatcheries and fish farms du...

No licence issued for fishing in last five years

PAR Apr 1, 2019 0

ISLAMABAD – The Marine Fisheries Department, Karachi did not issue any licence for fishing beyond the territorial water in the sea during the last...

Pakistani government to spend USD 87 million on aquaculture development projects

PAR Oct 17, 2019 0

The government of Pakistan has decided to allocate PKR 13.7 billion (USD 87 million, EUR 79.2 million) for three aquaculture development projects to b...

Govt to announce fish policy soon: Minister

PAR Oct 17, 2019 0

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Sahibzada Muhammad Mehmood Sultan Wednesday said the government would soon announ...

Pakistan turning 2,500 acres into shrimp farms in latest project

PAR Jan 29, 2020 0

The Pakistani government has authorized the creation of 2,500 acres of new shrimp farms in the area around Bahawalpur as part of the 'Prime Minister's...