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Cottonseed oil cake: FBR suggests retrospective GST exemption

PAR Dec 27, 2018 0

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has proposed exemption from payment of sales tax on cottonseed oil cake from July 1, 2018 by implementing special p...

Agriculture Minister Tables Joint Resolution Regarding Gas, Electric Meters In Balochistan Assembly

PAR Jan 1, 2019 0

A joint resolution regarding installation of gas and electric meters was tabled in Balochistan Assembly Session which was chaired by Deputy Speaker Sa...

TCP declares three urea import bids non-responsive

PAR Jan 7, 2019 0

The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) has declared three urea import bids, including first lowest, non-responsive as they were failed to fulfill t...

Urea price expected go down by Rs. 400 per bag

PAR Jan 24, 2019 0

ISLAMABAD – The government is likely to abolish Gas Infrastructure Development Cess on fertilizer which will help in reducing the price of urea by aro...

Soyabean, palm oil import down

PAR Jan 24, 2019 0

ISLAMABAD – The import of edible oil including soyabean and palm into the country during first half of current financial year reduced by 52.28 percent...