AMRI Set To Work On Four Machines For Rice Crop

Agriculture Mechanization Research Institute (AMRI) in collaboration with Punjab Agriculture (Extension) Department is working for preparing cost effective four different machines for rice crop.

According to AMRI officer Abdul Aaleem, Federal and Provincial governments were working to enhance wheat, rice, sugarcane and oil seed production. In line with a project, four different machines for rice crop would be prepared at AMRI.

The machines includes rice planters of two different types, rice raising nursery machine, rice remains shredder machine.

The agriculture department would import these machines soon and hand over these machines to AMRI department. The AMRI, through its reverse engineering, would make cost effective machines. The farming community is faced with severe shortage of labour. The machines would help address the issue of labour shortage. The agriculture department completed file work for importing the machines.

About AMRI achievements in past, Abdul Aaleem said the institute was undertaking Research & Development for low cost and appropriate agricultural machinery and farm mechanization technologies which consist of different sections i.e. design & development, fabrication, test & field research, agronomy and instrumentation.

The institute is providing industrial extension service to the local agricultural machinery manufactures for production of standardized and quality machinery. It also imparts technical guidance to farmers for proper selection, operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery and equipment.

He maintained that AMRI said that AMRI had developed over 120 cost effective agriculture machines so far since its inception from 1978.

Out of locally developed over 120 machines, nearly 49 machines had become commercial, he said and added that developed machines were identified as Seed Cleaner/Grader, Rabi Drill, Cultivator Drill, Dry sowing/Runner Drill, Rota Drill, Thresher, Wheat straw Chopper Drill, Rota Drill, Thresher, mobile Bhoosa Baler, Seed Delinter, Seed Treater, Kharif Drill, Precision Planter, Cotton Ridge with Fertilizer, Bed and Furrow shaper planter, Rotary Slasher, Root Digger, Intercultural Toolbar, Sugarcane Ridger, Sugarcane planter, Stubble Shaver, Axial Flow Pump, Sprinkle Gun, Vegetable Ridger, Potato Planter, Rotary Potato Digger, Post hole digger, Fruit Picker, Potato Digger Shaker, Mango Hot water treatment plant, Vegetable nursery transplanter, Maize Sheller, Self Leveling Boom Sprayer, Orchard Sprayer, Fertilizer Broadcaster, Fodder Cutter, Fodder Chopper, Mango pruner and some others.