Wheat Grain Dust Creating Asthma Complications

Wheat grain dust, triggered by threashing activities especially in rural areas of south Punjab, is aggravating respiratory diseases including asthma and bronchitis by affecting immune system of human body.

This was stated by head of Pulmonary Department Nishtar Medical University Dr Azam Mushtaq while talking to APP, here on Sunday. He said that nearly 15 per cent kids and eight per cent adults were already suffering from asthma in the country.

The presence of hovering dust particles and allergins, due to wheat thresher, could enhance risk of attack on 40 per cent.

Due to genetic and environmental pollution issues, nearly 3 lakh persons are falling prey to respiratory diseases annually in the country.

About 70,000 citizens die of respiratory diseases in the country every year, stated Dr Azam Mushtaq. Responding to a query about measures to minimise the effects of wheat grain dust, the expert suggested that people should ensure maximum use of mask during outdoor movement especially in wheat thresher season.

Similarly, people should frequently wash mouth and nose on daily basis. They should also have inhaler especially during their outdoor movement. He also sensitised people to restrict their outdoor movement in the on-going season of wheat thresher.