Wheat flour worth $198 million exported to 27 countries

Pakistan exported 626,289 metric ton wheat flour worth $198 million, to 27 different countries and 450 metric ton of wheat, worth $158,000, to Afghanistan and Malaysia in financial year 2015-16. A total of 229 metric ton of wheat has been exported from Pakistan, worth $77,000, in the first 2 months of current financial year 2016-17, according to official documents.

The documents say Pakistan exported 50 metric ton wheat to Afghanistan and 400 metric ton to Malaysia in financial year 2015-16. In financial year 2015-16, Pakistan exported largest quantity of wheat flour, 623,190 metric ton, to Afghanistan and the lowest, 2 metric ton, to Congo.

Pakistan exported 618 metric ton wheat flour to Tanzania, 554 metric ton to Kenya, 478 metric ton to Saudi Arabia, 277 metric ton to United Arab Emirates, 180 metric ton to Sri Lanka, 120 metric ton to India, 113 metric ton to Yemen, 95 metric ton to Qatar, 94 metric ton to Hong Kong, 82 metric ton to Australia, and 65 metric ton to South Africa.

Pakistan also exported 64 metric ton wheat flour to Norway, 51 metric ton to Malaysia, 39 metric ton to South Korea, 36 metric ton to Denmark, 36 metric ton to Mozambique, 35 metric ton to Oman, 34 metric ton to Sweden, 29 metric ton to France, 29 metric ton to Japan, 29 metric ton to Lebanon, 15 metric ton to United States of America, 10 metric ton to New Zealand, 8 metric ton to Netherlands and 6 metric ton to United Kingdom.

Pakistan is Asia's 3rd largest wheat producer and has already allowed export of the grain on government-to-government basis to other countries. In January, Pakistan approved export of 1.2 million tons of wheat from the surplus stocks through private exporters. Of the total, 800,000 tons were to be exported from the central Punjab province and 400,000 tons from Sindh. The government had also announced transport rebate of $45 and $55 per ton for Sindh and Punjab exporters respectively. A meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee which held in Islamabad on April 23, decided to also allow export on government-to-government basis on same terms and conditions.