Village committees to oversee weed eradication campaign

The Punjab Agriculture Department (PAD) will set up committees at village level to make the forthcoming weed eradication campaign a success. The committees will comprise lumberdar, patwaris, officials of the provincial agriculture department and notables from other segments of the society.

The committees will support the farmers in the process of eradication of weeds from the farms. They will also collaborate with other social welfare organisations to educate the growers about damages caused by weeds. The Punjab Agriculture Department will also launch the awareness campaign at its local offices, schools, colleges and public and private places. Seminars will also be arranged besides hanging banners at prominent places.

The decision to launch a six-day 'eradicate weeds-increase production' campaign in the province as part of off-season management formula was taken at a meeting the other day which was chaired by Punjab Secretary Agriculture Muhammad Mahmood.