Torkham border: vegetable, fruit merchants demand reopening

Traders and merchants, dealing with businesses of vegetable and fruits have said that a larger number of trucks and trailers loaded with perishable food items stuck at Torkham border, which inflicted huge financial losses to them, and asked the government to reopen border for transportation of the food consignments on temporarily basis.

Addressing at a news conference at press club here on Thursday, All Pakistan Agriculture Produce Traders Federation (APAPTF) Central President, Malik Sohni said that around 400 to 500 trucks loaded with vegetable, fruits and other food items stranded since the closure of the Pak-Afghan border. Flanked by APAPTF senior vice president Malik Iftikhar Ahmad Awan, and President of Gur Mandi Peshawar, Haji Ihsanullah Mohmand, and others, Malik Sohni praised the government and Pakistan Army's measures for strengthening security at Pak-Afghan border.