Seminar seeks ban on veg, fruit import to protect farmers

seminar demanded the government to offer protection to the farmer and impose ban on the import of vegetables and fruits from India.

The post budget-2018-19 seminar was jointly organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) here on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, former provincial minister and MCCI president Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi said that Pakistan is an agricultural economy and the government needs to support agriculture. "It's a pity that we are an agricultural country and still importing vegetables, Garlic, Ginger, pulses, gram, and fruits worth $ 4 to 5 billion. It puts burden on country's economy and increases the current account deficit," he pointed out.

He said the government needs to increase land under cultivation to avoid any crisis-like situation as agricultural trade has gained importance in these times offering new opportunities and challenges. Roomi said Pakistan is an agriculture country with vast plains and manpower resources. The agriculture can become an important source of the foreign exchange for Pakistan necessary to finance imports and development besides it will ensure domestic food security. He said that we must maintain balance in exports and imports to avoid trade deficit and we should explore new markets to increase our exports. He said that Government has taken a positive step by reducing the tax on services. However, one percent reduction in corporate tax is not fair.

Speaking on the occasion, Javed Anjum, Chairman CPD committee of ICAP, said that Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) was established on 01 July 1961 with the prime objective of regulating the profession of accounting in Pakistan. It was due to the vision and the foresight of our predecessors that today we are the premier regulatory body for the development and regulation of the Profession in the Country. "Today our professionals are recognized and respected globally for their technical expertise and adherence to ethics and integrity," he added.

Muhammad Owais, CA, Riaz A Rehman President of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, Jafar Hussain, Khawaja Salahuddin, Muhammad Younas Ghazi, Muhammad Waqas Khalid, Talat Javed, Khurram Javed Butt, Sultan Shahid, Ijaz Tariq, Mirza Ali Ahmed, Auranzeb Alamgir, Asad Afroze, Dr Khalil Ahmed also spoke on direct & indirect taxation, Double taxation, Tax-laws etc.