Punjab Wheat Crop Weather Conditions 30th December 2016

Grower’s commentary on weather, wheat crop condition and availability of canal water situation in Punjab for wheat season 2016-17.

As per consensus of the growers of Punjab, specially in cultivated areas of wheat crop, after confirmation according to weather conditions are reported to  have thick fog which would be occurring throughout 24 districts of Punjab whereas in lower Punjab i.e. R.Y Khan, Rajanpur, D.G.Khan, M.Z Garh, Multan, Lodhran, Bahawalpur, Bahwalnagar and Vehari districts, the IRSA department has been closed and the canal water inflow is also not available due to annual maintenance of the regulatory canal, sub-canal and branches  .

The availability of canal water is suspended till December and would be restarted in the end of January, and first week of February, while until this the growers will provide water through the tube wells canal for a month in the rabbi season.

The wheat crop condition is normally healthy due to this foggy season, and the growers are commenting that this humid climate is very favorable for wheat crop and yield would be increased but untimely due to maintenance and construction period  we will apply the tube wells as the wheat crop survive  and by chance winter rains also comes in February  and March and those rains impact would positively on the average of the wheat crop but now slowly weather is starting to change into cold  where as this cold is favorable for wheat crop production.

As per consensus of the central and upper Punjab in which Miawali, Bbakkar, Layyah Sahiwal, Khanewal, Jhang, T.T.Sing, Okara, Pakpattan, Faisalabad, Kasur, Nankana Sahib ,Chiniot, Sargodha and Maindi Bahawudin; in these districts there is  also foggy situation and the availability of canal water is closed temporary due to maintenance of canals, sub-canal, branches and sub branches while the growers will apply through  the tube well water  for irrigation  during this closing time of canals by the IRSA department and this  would  happen every season.

The wheat crop condition is healthy due to humid foggy climate and growers are busy in sugarcane harvesting throughout Punjab, after wheat sowing, the average is better than last season and the growers are getting cane price @ 180/md;  at their mill gate and @165-166 /maund price at farm gate in upper Punjab.

The spell of winter rains are not reported till now throughout upper Punjab, and weather is to start changing in light cold and wind acceleration that is ultimately cold but is favorable for wheat crop, if volume of the frost would be increased in upper Punjab due to heavy snow fall, the availability of canal water would be increased as the PMD department is predicting a small spell of winter rains in this current season 2016-17.