Prices of fruits, vegetables remain stable

ISLAMABAD: Prices of fruits and vegetables remained overall stable with minor fluctuation in some items here at Kohsar Market, Super Market and Jinnah Super Market.

According to the Islamabad Market Committee's price list issued here on Tuesday, the prices of various fruits and vegetables showed no major difference from the price list of the previous week.

According to price list, potato was sold at Rs 30 per kilogram, Onion Rs 38, Tomato Rs 156/118, Ginger Rs 96, Garlic (China) Rs 175, Garlic Local Rs 150, Lemon Rs 105, Lady Finger Rs 128, Pumpkin Rs 52, Brinjal Rs 42, Peas Rs 34, Fresh-Bean Rs 62, Tinda Walaiti (Imported gourd small) Rs 52, Cucumber Rs 29/23, Capsicum Rs 42/30, Green Chilli Rs 72, Cauliflower Rs 30/22, Cabbage Rs 27, Bitter Gourd Rs 110/80, Green Zucchini Rs 92, Spinach Rs 20/15, Raddish Rs 22, Turnip Rs 34/23, Yam Rs 75, Maroo Rs 32/22, Carrot Rs 48/39,Chicken Rs 157 and Egg per dozen Rs 81.

Likewise, the rates of fruits per kilogram of high and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple (kala kalo) Rs 158/115, Apple Golden Rs 128/78, Apple White Rs 110/70, Apple China Rs 210/185, Banana Pak Rs 115/72, Guava 115/70, Pomegranate Rs 272/220, Kino Rs 95/68, Pear China Rs 175/148, Melon Rs 65/49 and Strawberry Rs 190/150.

People are asked to ensure that they are sold vegetables and fruits as per rate list and inform authorities at 051-4867762 in case of any compliant against shopkeepers.