Pakistan Agriculture Research Council Approves New High-yielding Garlic Verities For Cultivation

The Verity Evaluation Committee of pakistan Agriculture Research Council Wednesday approved newly developed garlic verity for local cultivation in order to enhance domestic production of the commodity.

The meeting of variety evaluation committee was held here at PARC Head quarters,under the Chairmanship of Dr. Anjum Ali Member Plant Sciences, to determine the potential of newly developed garlic variety.

Currently, Pakistan was spending Rs 66.21 billion on the import of about 34,375 metric tons of garlic for fulfilling the domestic requirements of the commodity.

The new developed variety NARC-G1 was unanimously approved by all the committee members.

All the parameters for yield and yield components were discussed in detail and found outstanding.

It was revealed that the new garlic variety was the highest variety among all the existing garlic varieties in Pakistan.

he quality was found superior and the variety gives 26 tons per hectare yield.