LSDA against sugar export decision

The Lahore Sugar Dealers Association has criticised the government's decision of allowing sugar export prior to completion of crushing season and knowing the exact production of the commodity. Association's President Asghar Butt Asghar termed the decision a result of connivance between the sugar millers and the government which suddenly pushed sugar prices in the market upwards. "Sugar prices were around Rs 59 per kilograms on December 10 in Akbari Market which witnessed a raise of Rs 3.50 in just last three days because of news of permission of sugar export," he added.

He said it was hardly one and half month that crushing season had started which would continue till middle of April. According to him, nowhere in the world such decisions were taken before ascertaining the final figures of production and calculating the domestic needs. He claimed now the rate of sugar would not come down rather it was likely to increase further.

He also alleged that some mills stopped their sales for the last three to four days after having the inside news of possible permission of export. Asghar urged the government to take such steps which could provide relief to the consumers instead of benefiting a few people.