How amazing to talk to the animals!

Rebecca Doyle, animal welfare scientist revealed that happy animals have been seen as more productive and hence are being taken care by happier and wealthier owners.

Sharing these ideas with farmers, he said that he believe that animal welfare is about the quality of life of an animal. This means we should not only look at how healthy the animal is – but also that it has an access and opportunities to get required resources.

The task is challenging as we talk to an animal and ask how it feels, so we need to use various scientific methods to measure how it’s feeling. We can look at the animal’s behavior vs its natural performance. We can also have a look at its affective state; how it’s processing information, and how it’s responding to people, other animals and its environment.

He mentioned that currently he is studying animal production systems in Pakistan to improve the lives of people and their animals with his colleague Dr Angus Campbell from the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Melbourne.

Many of the households we work with are subsistence farmers. Our aim is to find ways they can increase their finances. Everyone in the family has different roles, therefore, to understand variety within the household is so significant. Usually women in the family do a lot more work with young animals, whereas the men take animals grazing and manage their health.