FPCCI seeks permanent market for kinnow in Iran

Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry’s Regional Standing Committee on Horticulture has urged concerned authorities to help turning the existent two month’s arrangement of local Kinnow export to Iran a permanent feature.

Chairman, FPCCI Regional Standing Committee on Horticulture, Ahmad Jawad here on Monday said as per current scheme, also approved by Exports Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of Iran, import of Pakistani kinnow will continue till April this year. “Pakistan kinnow is in great demand and kinnow exporters may tap some good volumes of around 10,000 tons before Iranian national festival- Nouroze.”

The senior FPCCI official said the arrangement can be made a permanent feature and help enhance bilateral trade volume between the two countries. Mentioning that Iran is a huge market with a consumption capacity of 60,000 tons of kinnow, he said the governments of Iran and Pakistan can have needed deliberations to turn it into a regular feature.

“Both governments must understand it will take no less than a year, once a permanent arrangement is approved, to execute the kinnow trade as lot of formalities have to be fulfilled between the buyer and the seller,” he said. Ahmad Jawad said it was also most likely that the central banks of Iran and Pakistan may soon sign an agreement to establish banking relations, that will increase the bilateral trade three times.