EU launches IREET project in Pakistan’s sugar sector

The European Union (EU) to Pakistan has launched the EU funded “Implementation of Resource and Energy Efficient Technologies in the Sugar Sector of Pakistan (IREET Project)” under the EU SWITCH ASIA Program. The Program will support sugar sector to work towards making the sugar mills self-sustainable in terms of resource and energy consumption.

Most of the sugar mills in Pakistan use outdated technologies and practices for sugar production, resulting in high inefficiencies, wastage of energy and biomass resources, and increased cost of production. Under the SWITCH ASIA program, the European Union launched the Implementation of Resource and Energy Efficient Technologies in the Sugar Sector of Pakistan (IREET Project), which is focused on the sugar sector of Pakistan.

The Program is focusing on providing support to sugar sector, financial sector, technology providers and public sector in popularizing resource conservation & energy efficiency technologies. The program aims to achieve this by supporting sugar mills through technology standardization, enabling access to finance, and mobilizing relevant public-sector authorities.

The program will engage actors from the sugar sector, financial sector and public sector to create the requisite technical, financial and regulatory environment to ensure wide adoption of Resource Conservation and Energy Efficient technologies.

Project Director IREET Project Omar M Malik highlighted the various activities envisioned under the project. He mentioned that IREET project will build upon the lesson learned from HP Cogen-Pak project which worked with NEPRA, AEDB, CPPA/NTDC, 72 Sugar Mills, 16 financial institutions, 6 technology providers in sugar sector of Pakistan for promotion of HP Cogen technology.

The IREET project will result in capacity enhancement of sugar mills to select energy efficient technologies, build the capacity of solution providers to offer R&EE designs, work with NEECA for revision of National Energy Conservation Policy for establishment of conducive regulatory regime, and work with State Bank of Pakistan and leading financial institutions for improving access to finance for R&EE technologies in the sugar sector.