Customs starts anti-smuggling operations with Rangers

MULTAN: The Customs Intelligence and Investigation Multan Range has started the joint anti-smuggling operations in cooperation with the Rangers to curb smuggling in the jurisdiction.

This was stated by Deputy Director Customs Intelligence and Investigation Multan Range Abdul Mueed Kanjoo in an exclusive interview with Customs Today in his customs intelligence office.

There are two main supply routes commonly used by smugglers for smuggling of their illicit goods and vehicles in other regions of Punjab and Pakistan. The customs intelligence has intensified its efforts by enhancing the movements of smuggled goods and vehicles on these routes to curb smuggling in the area.

He said the customs field intelligence unit has initiated the anti-smuggling operation in the Ghazi Ghat bridge area which is one of the main supply routes for non-customs paid smuggled items in the Punjab region. He told that Customs Intelligence and Investigation teams have started crackdown on smuggled vehicles and goods transported through this route on their information basis and Customs Intelligence has blocked the focal point of the smugglers for smuggling through which they smuggled goods and vehicles in other parts of Punjab.

Kanjoo said the Customs Intelligence has enhanced the monitoring of non-customs paid vehicles and goods from the second important route which is Head Taunsa Bridge region to curtail all sorts of smuggling in the jurisdiction. Deputy Director remarked that Customs Intelligence and Investigation staff has adopted a aggressive line strategy against smuggling of illegal goods and vehicles by curtailing it before their entrance into the Multan area.

The customs intelligence is already cooperating with the Balochistan Military Police (BMP) in the border area to stop smuggling from Balochistan side, and Rangers are also cordoning off major part to tackle smuggling in the region.

He maintained that Customs Intelligence is playing a dynamic and active role in elimination of illicit and smuggled goods and items from the region. The Customs Intelligence and Investigation Multan has formed checkpoints to monitor the movements of goods and vehicles in the area and we have coordinated with Rangers to tackle smuggling of goods and vehicles effectively. He added that field formation staff of Customs Intelligence has been directed to take stern action against smugglers in the region without any discrimination.

Abdul Mueed Kanjoo added that Customs Intelligence is more vigilant and active in the jurisdiction and they have detected worth Rs16million of differential duty tax evasion on the various import clearances from Port Qasim and other ports during examination of suspected containers in the various locations. After detection of differential duty tax amount, port authorities is also taking measures before the clearance of import consignment by making watchful examination before clearances. Furthermore, he added that Customs Intelligence is committed to continuing its actions against smugglers and their illicit goods to curb smuggling in the region.