Customs Preventive grills crew members of PK-785 after narcotics found at Heathrow Airport

KARACHI: The Customs authorities have started investigations into the alleged recovery of narcotics from a plane of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) at Heathrow Airport London on May 15.

Sources told Customs Today that the Customs authorities grilled the pilot, co-pilot and the cabin crew of the flight no PK-785 after it returned to Karachi from London the other day.

On the arrival of the flight, the teams of the PIA General Manager Vigilance and Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) separately grilled the pilot, co-pilot and the cabin crew at the airport, said the sources.

According to sources, the London National Crime Agency had detained the plane and grilled the flight crew for eight hours after the recovery of narcotics.

The officers of the London National Crime Agency kept the passports of the team and allowed them to stay in a hotel after the investigations. According to the agency, a huge quantity of heroin was recovered from the secret places of the plane.

The PIA authorities have rejected the allegation of the London National Crime Agency, saying that the matter will be raised at diplomatic level whereas a letter has been written against the matter to the higher authorities. On the other hand, the PIA officials have said that the London authorities have not discussed the matter with them.