Customs Preventive foils bid to smuggle 1.5kg of Crystal Amphetamine to Saudi Arabia

KARACHI: The Customs Preventive team has recovered huge quantity of drugs from the possession of a passenger during checking at Jinnah International Airport (JIAP) Karachi.

According to the details, the staff of the Customs Preventive deputed at the departure of Jinnah International Airport (JIAP), after getting a tip-off intercepted a passenger named Abdur Rehman and asked him for getting checked the luggage as well as travel documents.

During the search, the team of the Customs Preventive found 1.5 kilograms of high quality crystal amphetamine hidden in the secret places of the bags at the departure of the Jinnah International Airport (JIAP) Karachi.

The source informed that the passenger was travelling to Saudi Arabia, Taif through Dubai bound Flight No FZ-336 of Flydubai Airline. They recovered Crystal Amphetamine powder worth Rs 10.5 million rupees in international market. The culprit has been arrested after registering an FIR. Further investigations are underway.

The sources have further stated that the customs has broaden the security and surveillance at the airports across the country to stop such illegal activities, whereas on the information of the arrested culprits during the month the raids have also been planned to apprehend the master minds involved in the heinous crime of smuggles due to which the name of the country is on the stake.