Customs Court sends suspect on physical remand involved in illegal import of kerosene oil

KARACHI: Acting Judge of the Customs Taxation and Anti-Smuggling Court Syed Arshad Noor Khan has sent a suspect, Irfan Ahmed, to the customs department on physical remand. The suspect was allegedly involved in mis-declaration and imported restricted kerosene oil under the garb of white spirit.

During the hearing, investigation officer produced the suspect before the court and informed that M/s SMD Sons was involved in the clearance of kerosene oil under the garb of while spirit. He said that the white spirit was imported from Singapore in violation of import restrictions. The Directorate General intercepted several oil tankers bearing registration numbers TUB-122, LOK-7437 and others and recovered the mis-declared goods.

According to the investigation officer, after formalities, the goods were seized and were sent for verification. He submitted that examination report transpired that instead of white spirit the importer had imported kerosene oil and it has also been found that the importer had earlier illegally cleared a huge quantity of the restricted oil under the garb of white spirit.

He argued that prosecution needs further investigation of this matter; therefore, the court may send the suspect back to customs department on physical remand.

After his arguments, court sent him back to customs department and directed the investigation officer to produce him on next date of hearing.

According to the prosecution, case was registered for violation of section (s) 16, 32 (1) 79 (1) of the Customs Act 1969 punishable under section 156 (1) (8) (14) (43) (81) (82) (89) & 157 (2) ibid, read with section 3 (1) 3 of the import restriction vide S#2 of appendix-B (parts-II) to IPO 2016, further read with clauses (a) & (b) preamble to SRO 499 (1)/ 2009 dated 13.6.2009, further read with SRO 566(1)/2005 dated 06/06/2005.