Customs Appellate Tribunal hears couple of references during second week of March

ISLAMABAD: The Customs Appellate Tribunal has held the hearing on a couple of important customs references during the second week of March and dismissed Haq Nawaz’s appeal involving field office of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

A single bench of the tribunal comprising of Member, Syed Muhammad Anwar, heard M/s Lucky Enterprises and Haq Nawaz’s cases relating to tax matters.

The bench dismissed Nawaz’s reference while adjourned the hearing of M/s Lucky Enterprises case for next week. Both of these cases had been filed during 2016.

M/s Lucky Enterprises had filed the case against MCC. It had challenged a customs duty assessment sustained by the adjudication. Haq Nawaz had filed cases regarding release of vehicles which were seized by customs authorities amid attempt to smuggling various items.

The bench had also held hearing on said matter before. But these cases were pending with the tribunal. The bench had directed the concerned counsels to fully assist the bench on the matters in order to reach a just and fair decision.

Same bench had also adjourned hearing of some other cases in the recent week because of non-submission of related documents and other details.