Sales Tax SROs

Sales Tax SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
962(I)/2015 Enhancement of rate of sales tax on furnance oil 30-09-2015
963(I)/2015 Change in Sales Tax rates on petroleum products 30-09-2015
874(I)/2015 Amendment of SRO 383(I)/2015 dated 30.04.2015 to change the sales tax rates on motor sipirt, HOBC, Kerosene, HSD and LDO 31-08-2015
837(I)/2015 Exemption of Supply of Wheat bran falling under PCT heading 2302.3000, from whole of Sales Tax. 25-08-2015
719(I)/2015 Sales Tax shall be charged on the supply of electrical energy generaetd exclusively through high speed diesel (HSD) 31-07-2015
720(I)/2015 Amendment in S.R.O 383(I)/2015 31-07-2015
483(I)/2015 Amendment in S.R.O 383(I)/2015 dated the 30th April, 2015 30-06-2015
484(I)/2015 Amendment Sales Tax (Special Procedures) Rules, 2007 30-06-2015
485(I)/2015 Amendment the Sales Tax Special Procedure (Withholding) Rules, 2007 30-06-2015
486(I)/2015 Amendment S.R.O 1125(I)/2011 dt. 31.12.2011 30-06-2015
487(I)/2015 Supersedes SRO 88(I)/2002 dt. 11.02.1988 30-06-2015
488(I)/2015 Rescission of certain sales tax SROs 30-06-2015
489(I)/2015 Amends SRO 550(I)/2006 dt. 05.06.2006 30-06-2015
491(I)/2015 The minimum value of assessment of locally produced coal has been enhanced from Rs. 1000 per MT to Rs. 2500 per MT 30-06-2015
492(I)/2015 Amendment SRO 647(I)/2007 dt. 27.06.2007 30-06-2015