Sales Tax SROs

Sales Tax SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
586(I)/2017 Amendment in Sales Tax Special Procedure Rules(WHT) 2007 01-07-2017
587(I)/2017 To Exempt ST on Local Supply of HEVs 01-07-2017
588(I)/2017 Amendment in SRO 445(I)/2004 01-07-2017
589(I)/2017 Amendment in SRO 495(I)/2016 01-07-2017
590(I)/2017 To exempt IT Services from S.T Under ICT Ord 2001 01-07-2017
591(I)/2017 Rescind SRO 491(I)/2015 01-07-2017
592(I)/2017 Amendment in Notification NO. S.R.O 549(I)/2006, dated the 5th June, 2006 01-07-2017
292(I)/2017 Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products effective from 1st May, 2017 30-04-2017
273(I)/2017 Sales Tax Shall be charged at rate of zero percent on the import of one hundred and fifty tonnes of dates gifted by KSA 20-04-2017
223(I)/2017 Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products 31-03-2017
125(I)/2017 Amendment in SRO No. 42(I)/2017 06-03-2017
125(I)/2017 Change in sales tax rates on petroleum products 28-02-2017
116(I)/2017 Exemption of Sales Tax on Supply of Furniture and other equipment for IT Labs of three Colleges in AJ & K affected by Earthquake, 2005 23-02-2017
91(I)/2017 Change in rates of Petroleum products 15-02-2017
42(I)/2017 Exemption to equipment for contractor of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project 26-01-2017