Income Tax SROs

Income Tax SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
981(I)/2016 Amendment in Inland Revenue Reward Rules, 2016 19-10-2016
978(I)/2016 Amendment in Rule 228 of Income Tax Rules, 2002 18-10-2016
972(I)/2016 Companies Return - tax year 2016 17-10-2016
969(I)/2016 Amendment in Second Schedule 13-10-2016
--(I)/2016 Draft rule 228(I) of Income Tax Rules 2002 03-10-2016
933(I)/2016 Exemption u/s 150A on Sukkuk (Third Pakistan Sukkuk limited) 03-10-2016
923(I)/2016 Exempt from levy of CVT on third Pakistan Sukuk 2016 30-09-2016
924(I)/2016 Tax Exemption to third Pakistan International Sukuk Company Ltd from Income Tax 30-09-2016
899(I)/2016 Import of 35 Armoured & Security Vehicles 26-09-2016
895(I)/2016 Inland Revenue Welfare Fund Rules, 2016. 21-09-2016
851(I)/2016 Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 115(I)/2015 dated 9th February, 2015 19-09-2016
839(I)/2016 Draft Amendment - Companies Income Tax Return 2016 09-09-2016
811(I)/2016 Amendment in S.R.O 720(I)/2016 dated 01.08.2016 31-08-2016
734(I)/2016 Amendment in SRO 682(I)/2016 dated 02.08.2016 regarding valuation of property in Phase 9 of DHA Karachi 26-08-2016
792(I)/2016 Income Tax Returns for Individual/AOP for TY 2016 25-08-2016