Income Tax SROs

Income Tax SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
37(I)/2017 Reduced rate of WHT u/s 236P 23-01-2017
30(I)/2017 Amendment in Rule 81A 18-01-2017
12(I)/2017 "231H. reduced rate of tax for Shariah complaint companies 10-01-2017
06/(I)/2017 Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 09-01-2017
05(I)/2017 Amendment in Rule 81A of Income Tax Rules, 2002 06-01-2017
1173(I)/2016 231H. reduced rate of tax for Shari"ah compliant companies .... 27-12-2016
1145(I)/2016 Computation of Capital gain amendment in Rules. 07-12-2016
1085(I)/2016 "231G Determination of value of bonus shares issued by a company not quoted on the stock exchange, to the shareholders of the company 24-11-2016
1022(I)/2016 Draft Rules 231G for Public Comments 31-10-2016
1012(I)/2016 Property valuation rates for Quetta in Supersession of S.R.O 666(I)/2016 dated 2nd August, 2016. 31-10-2016
1066(I)/2016 Draft Income Tax Rules 13H, 13J, 13L, 13M, 13N & 13P with Proposed Amendments for Suggestions 24-10-2016
981(I)/2016 Amendment in Inland Revenue Reward Rules, 2016 19-10-2016
978(I)/2016 Amendment in Rule 228 of Income Tax Rules, 2002 18-10-2016
972(I)/2016 Companies Return - tax year 2016 17-10-2016
969(I)/2016 Amendment in Second Schedule 13-10-2016