Income Tax SROs

Income Tax SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
891(I)/2015 Rule 43 A of Income Tax Rules 2002 02-09-2015
890(I)/2015 Rule 231 E of Income Tax Rules 2002 02-09-2015
841(I)/2015 Return of Total Income/Statement of final taxation for tax year 2015 IT-1B & IT-2 26-08-2015
--(I)/2015 In the proposed notification amendment in Part X of Second Schedule to the Income Tax Rules 2002 is proposed regarding filing monthly withholding statement under section 165(1) of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. 24-08-2015
831(I)/2015 Amendments in Sub-Rule (4) and (5) of Rule 81 B of the Income Tax Rule 2002 21-08-2015
791(I)/2015 All the Individuals earning salary Income are required to file their Income Tax returns electronically from tax year 2015 onwards. 11-08-2015
772(I)/2015 Amendments in Sub-Rule (4) and (5) of Rule 81 B of the Income Tax Rule 2002 06-08-2015
___i/2015 sub-rule (2E) of rule 73 shall not apply for tax year 2014 24-07-2015
498(I)/2015 Rule 43 & 73 of the Income Tax Rules, 2002 have been amended through the S.R.O 498(I)/2015. 24-07-2015
497(I)/2015 Amendment in rule 43 to extend the date for depositing tax by banking companies under section 236P, upto 31st July, 2015 15-07-2015
496(I)/2015 Draft Return Forms and Wealth Statement for Tax Year 2015 03-07-2015
____(I)/2015 Draft Electronic Return Form for individual,AOP & Company and Wealth Statement for tax year 2015 are here by published for public suggestions 03-07-2015
482(I)/2015 Draft rules for mode and manner of disposal of Bonus Shares 16-06-2015
267(I)/2015 Amendment in Income Tax Rules, 2002 validity of Active Taxpayer List Published for financial year 2013-14 has been extended up to 10th April, 2015. Active Taxpayer’s list for financial year 2014-15 to be published by 11th April, 2015. 02-04-2015
248(I)/2015 Amendment in Second Schedule of Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. 27-03-2015