Income Tax SROs

Income Tax SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
1160(I)/2019 Manual - Final Income Tax Return Form for Individual 27-09-2019
1000(I)/2019 Final Income Tax Return Forms for Companies 06-09-2019
979(I)/2019 Final Income Tax Return 2019 for Individuals, Salaried Individuals, AOPs 02-09-2019
968(I)/2019 Income Tax Return - Companies- Draft Amendments 29-08-2019
951(I)/2019 Draft Amendments - Income Tax Return Forms 23-08-2019
940(I)/2019 Functions & Powers of the office of the Director General Special Initiatives, FBR 20-08-2019
903(I)/2019 Panel of ADRC (IR) 09-08-2019
849(I)/2019 Amendment in rule 44 of Income Tax Rules, 2002 24-07-2019
813(I)/2019 Draft amendment in rule 44 of Income Tax Rules, 2002 17-07-2019
744(I)/2019 Delegation of Powers to Director General International Tax Operations 09-07-2019
657(I)/2019 Panel for Alternate Dispute Resolution Committees for 8 cities 27-06-2019
578(I)/2019 Assets Declaration (Procedure and Conditions) Rules, 2019 25-05-2019
469(I)/2019 Amendment in Chapter VIII of the Income Tax Rules, 2002 17-04-2019
326(I)/2019 Notification of Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Rules, 2019 11-03-2019
112(I)/2019 Revision of Value of Immovable Properties of Bahawalpur 01-02-2019