Federal Excise SROs

Federal Excise SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
507(I)/2013 To charge Rs. 1/ per kg on locally produced oil 12-06-2013
508(I)/2013 To charge/ levy Rs. 0.40 per kg on import of oilseeds. 12-06-2013
2013(I)/77 FED to be charged 0.5% on local supply of white crystalline sugar to equivalent to quantity exported (excepted by land routs to Afghanistan and Centrel Asian Republics ), subject to conditions in SRO. 11-02-2013
1128(I)/2012 SRO. No 1128 dated 12.09.2012 12-09-2012
598(I)/2012 Amendment in SRO 649(I)/2005, dated 01.07.2005 01-06-2012
599(I)/2012 Amendment in SRO 474(I)/2009, dated 13.06.2009 01-06-2012
600(I)/2012 Amendment in Federal Excise Rules, 2005 01-06-2012
603(I)/2012 Issued to rescind six SROs pertaining Federal Excise 01-06-2012
137(I)/2012 By this notification, in pursuance of ECC decision, SRO 807(I)/2005, dated 12th August, 2005 has been amended to restrict rebate of Federal Excise Duty on export of all petroleum products whether imported or produced locally (except when there is a Govern 14-02-2012
47(I)/2012 Federal Excise Duty rates on domestic and international passengers have been increased by Rs. 40/- and Rs. 100/- respectively 20-01-2012
822 (I)/2011 S.R.O 822 (I)/2011 06-09-2011
774(I)/2011 SRO 774(I)/2011 19-08-2011
SRO 777(I)/2011 SRO 777(I)/2011 19-08-2011
675(I)/2011 Exemption of SED (by way of refund) 01-07-2011
633(I)/2011 Amendment in Notification No SRO 474(I)/2009, dated 13th June, 2009 18-06-2011