Federal Excise SROs

Federal Excise SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
665(I)/99 Amendments 455(I)/96, 13th June 1996 12-06-1999
666(I)/99 Amendments The Central Excise Rules 1944 12-06-1999
667(I)/99 Amendments 456(I)/96 13th June 1996 12-06-1999
668(I)/99 Amendments 456(I)/96 13th June 1996 12-06-1999
664(I)/99 Amendments 454(I)/96, 13 Th June 1996, 12-06-1999
490(I)/99 Amendment 456(I)/96 13th June 1996 20-04-1999
82(I)/99 Amendment 455 (I)/96 Dated 13th June 1996 10-02-1999
1034(I)/98 Exempt From So Much Of The Excise Duty As Is In Excess Of The Duty Recoverable Under The Agreement 18 Th June 1998 09-10-1998
1030(I)/98 Amendments 349(I)/85 15th April 1985 07-10-1998
1014(I)/98 Amendments Manufacturing In Bond Rules 1997 03-10-1998
944(I)/98 Amendment 456(I)/96 13th June 1996 31-08-1998
901(I)/98 Empower The Additional Collector Central Excise Gujranwala To Exercise All The Powers Of The Collector Of Central Excise 17-08-1998
902(I)/98 Amendment455 (I) / 96 13th June 1998 17-08-1998
905(1)/98 Short Title Application And Commitment Definitions Processing And Sanctioning Of Duty Drawback Claims Time Frame For Payment Of Duty Drawback Review Of Category Monthly Reporting 12-08-1998
413(I)/98 Amendment 455(I)/96 13th June 1996 18-04-1998