Federal Excise SROs

Federal Excise SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
S.R.O.255(I)/2002 amendment shall be made in its Notification No.S.R.O.456(I)/96, dated the 13th June, 1996 08-05-2002
S.R.O.243(I)/2002 amendment shall be made in the Central Excise Rules, 1944 30-04-2002
S.R.O.227(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.454(I)/96 19-04-2002
S.R.O.216(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.547(I)/96 09-04-2002
S.R.O.143(I)/2002 Special procedure for collection of central excise duty on iron and steel plates recovered through dismantling or breaking of vessels of all types 08-03-2002
S.R.O.92(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.454(I)/96 13-02-2002
S.R.O.93(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.455(I)/96 13-02-2002
S.R.O.94(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.456(I)/96 13-02-2002
S.R.O.95(I)/2002 amendment in the Central Excise Rules, 1944 13-02-2002
S.R.O.98(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.454(I)/96 13-02-2002
S.R.O.99(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.454(I)/96 13-02-2002
S.R.O.77(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.798(I)/90 31-01-2002
S.R.O.67(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.455(I)/96 23-01-2002
S.R.O.51(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.455(I)/96 22-01-2002
S.R.O.33(I)/2002 amendment in S.R.O.455(I)/96 18-01-2002