Federal Excise SROs

Federal Excise SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
992(I)/2019 Fix minimum values of locally produced goods, purpose of payment of FED in ST mode on ad valorem basis 04-09-2019
695(I)/2019 Rescinding S.R.O 608(I)/2019 29-06-2019
696(I)/2019 Rescinding S.R.O 24(I)/2006 29-06-2019
608(I)/2019 Cigarette Notification 11-06-2019
489(I)/2019 Amendment in Federal Excise Rules, 2005 25-04-2019
371(I)/2019 Amendment in Rule 33 of Federal Excise Rules, 2005 15-03-2019
251(I)/2019 Functions of the Directorate General, Intelligence and Investigation IR 26-02-2018
1268(I)/2018 Rescission of SRO 1150(I)/2018 dt 18-09-2018 16-10-2018
1149(I)/2018 Amendment in Federal Excise Rules, 2005 18-09-2018
1150(I)/2018 Levy of Excise Duty on locally produced Cigarettes 18-09-2018
627(I)/2018 FED rates on Cigarettes under rescission of S.R.O 561(I)/2018 dated 30.04.2018 24-04-2018
561(I)/2018 Increase in rate of Federal Excise Duty on Cigarettes 03-04-2018
278(I)/2018 Amendment in Federal Excise Rule, 2005 05-03-2018
593(I)/2017 Rescind SRO 407(I)/2017 01-07-2017
407(I)/2017 Enhancement of rate of Federal Excise Duty on Cigarettes. 29-05-2017