Active SROs Exports

Exports SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
783(I)/2005 This notification rescinded 7 standard DDB notifications 06-08-2005
259(I)/2004 Duty Draw Back - Fiber Cement Pipes 07-05-2004
1028(I)/2003 Duty Draw Back - Central Excise on export of Lubricating Oil 06-11-2003
315(I)/2004 Duty Draw Back - Artificial leather (PVC binding material) 21-05-2004
416(I)/2002 Reward Rules (Customs) 26-06-2002
(I)/2010 Imposing of regulatory duty at the rate of twenty-five per cent (25%) ad valorem on export of waste and scrap of copper and aluminium and on bars, rods, ingots, slabs, and billets 13-03-2010
811(I)/2013 Composition of the Directorate General of Input Output Coefficient Organization (IOCO), Pakistan Customs in Karachi for the purpose of exercising powers and duties. 20-09-2013
979(I)/2015 Revised / Enhanced Duty Draw Back rates. 06-10-2015