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Exports SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
323 (I)/2010 Levy of regulatory duty at the rate of fifteen percent ad valorem on export of all types of yarn for sixty days with immediate effect 13-05-2010
888(I)/2009 Federal Board of Revenue is pleased to make the following further amendment in the Export Oriented Units and Small & Medium Enterprises Rules, 2008 15-10-2009
805(I)/2009 Federal Government is pleased to rescind its Notification No. S.R.O.1185 (I)/2007, dated the 5th December, 2007 with immediate effect. 16-09-2009
482(I)/2007 Regulatory duty on ferrous and non ferrous waste and scrap. 09-06-2007
321(I)/2009 The Federal Government is pleased to direct that a regulatory duty at the rate of fifteen per cent ad valorem shall be levied on export of molasses with immediate effect. 10-04-2009
1080(I)/2005 CBR is pleased to direct that blankets, tens and tarpaulins shall be deemed to have been exported if supplied for the earthquake victims subject to the following conditions, namely: 22-10-2005
211(I)/2009 This notification allows duty drawback rates on export of engineering/metal and allied products 05-03-2009
1185(I)/2007 Regulatory duty at the rate of thirty-five percent ad-valorem on export of wheat products 05-12-2007
946(I)/2008 Regulatory duty equivalent to the Price Differential Claims (PDC), in Rupees per litre, of High Speed Diesel (HSD) and Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO) as notified by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Re 04-09-2008
1186(I)/2007 Rescind the notification No .S.R.O 474(I)/2006, dated the 22nd May,2006 05-12-2007
1065(I)/2005 This Notification issued in suppersesion of SRO 410/2001 dated 18th June 2001.According to the new Notification, the facility of temporary importation is available to exporters also registered as manu 20-10-2005
______(I)/2007 ATA Carnet Rules 28-07-2007
492(I)/2006 35% Regulatory duty on export of Pulses 26-05-2006
1211(I)/2005 Amendment in SRO.450(I)/2001 dated 18.6.2001 Customs Rules,2001 09-12-2005
1011(I)/2005 20% Regulatory duty on export of raw & wet blue hides. 27-09-2005