Amending SROs / Archived Notifications

Amending SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
576(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.209(I)/2009, dated 05.03.2009 01-07-2017
577(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.210(I)/2009, dated 05.03.2009 01-07-2017
578(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.211(I)/2009, dated 05.03.2009 01-07-2017
579(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.212(I)/2009, dated 05.03.2009 01-07-2017
580(I)/2017 Exemption from surcharge on warehousing goods 01-07-2017
Amendment in S.R.O.413(I)/2012, dated 25.04.2012 01-07-2017
504(I)/2017 Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 482(I)/2009 21-06-2017
505(I)/2017 Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 568(I)/2014 21-06-2017
170(I)/2017 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights 16-03-2017
140(I)/2017 Amendment in SRO No. 40(I)/2017 dated 25.01.2017 08-03-2017
40(I)/2017 Customs Duties exemption for Orange Line Project 25-01-2017
39(I)/2017 Exemption from Customs duty on import of goods.... 23-01-2017
38(I)/2017 Amendment in SRO 1178(I)/2015, dated 30.11.2015 23-01-2017
11(I)/2017 Amendment in Customs Rules, 2001. 04-01-2017
1130(I)/2016 Specification of areas for loading and unloading of Bulk grain and fertilizer. 01-12-2016