Amending SROs / Archived Notifications

Amending SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
06(I)/2018 Amendment in S.R.O 1035(I)/2017, dated 16-10-2017 03-01-2018
1241(I)/2017 Regulatory Duty on Import of LPG 07-12-2017
1066(I)/2017 TIR Rules - FBR achieved a major milestone towards implementation of TIR system in Pakistan by issuing TIR Rules. 20-10-2017
1035(I)/2017 Levy of regulatory duty 16-10-2017
822(I)/2017 Amendment in Notification no S.R.O 42(I)/2014, dated 20th January, 2014 17-07-2017
823(I)/2017 Amendment in Notification no S.R.O 1090(I)/2010, dated 1st December, 2010 17-07-2017
824(I)/2017 Amendment in Notification no S.R.O 43(I)/2014, dated 20th January, 2014 17-07-2017
654(I)/2017 Amendment in SRO 1178(I)/2015. 13-07-2017
554(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.1178(I)/2015, dated 30.11.2015 01-07-2017
555(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.568(I)/2014, dated 26.06.2014 01-07-2017
556(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.482(I)/2009, dated 13.06.2009 01-07-2017
557(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.39(I)/2017, dated 23.01.2017 01-07-2017
558(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.655(I)/2006 dated 22.06.2006 01-07-2017
559(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.656(I)/2006, dated 22.06.2006 01-07-2017
560(I)/2017 Amendment in S.R.O.693(I)/2006, dated 01.07.2006 01-07-2017