Amending SROs / Archived Notifications

Amending SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
635(I)/2018 Amendment in SRO.497(I)/2009, dated 13.06.2009 24-05-2018
636(I)/2018 Amendment in SRO.741(I)/2013, dated 28.08.2013 24-05-2018
638(I)/2018 Amendment in SRO.558(I)/2004, dated 01.07.2004 24-05-2018
639(I)/2018 Amendment in SRO.1151(I)/2007, dated 26.11.2007 24-05-2018
642(I)/20182 Amendment in SRO.655(I)/2006, dated 22.06.2006 24-05-2018
641(I)/2018 Amendment in SRO.565(I)/2006, dated 05.06.2006 24-05-2018
643(I)/2018 Amendment in SRO.656(I)/2006, dated 22.06.2006 24-05-2018
647(I)/2018 Amendment in SRO.327(I)/2008, dated 29.03.2008 24-05-2018
649(I)/2018 Amendment in Tracking and Monitoring of Cargo Rules, 2012 24-05-2018
648(I)/2018 Amendment in SRO 450(I)/2001 dated 18.06.2001 24-05-2018
637(I)/2018 Amendment in S.R.O. 894(I)/2006, dated 31.08.2006 24-05-2018
51(I)/2018 Exemption of whole of customs duty on import of construction materials and goods, whether or not manufactured locally, imported by M/s CSCEC for the construction of Karachi-Peshawar Motorway (Sukkur-Multan Section) 24-01-2018
58(I)/2018 Amendment in Schedule XXXV of S.R.O 212(I)/2009 dated 05-03-2009 24-01-2018
48(I)/2018 Exemption of Customs Duty on Cotton 23-01-2018
36(I)/2018 Amendment in S.R.O 121(I)/2014 and S.R.O 601(I)/2011 (Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Rules) (Transit under Customs Computerized System) 17-01-2018