Amending SROs / Archived Notifications

Amending SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
107(I)/2019 Withdrawal of Custom Duty on Cotton 04-02-2019
108(I)/2019 Withdrawal of Additional Customs Duty 04-02-2019
50&51(I)/2019 Implementation of Device Registration Blocking System (DIRBS) 15-01-2019
1540(I)/2018 Amendment in Customs Rules 2001 14-01-2019
1455(I)/2018 & 1456(I)/2018 Procedure for Regularization of Unregistered Mobile Devices - DIRBS 30-11-2018
1276(I)/2018 Amendment in S.R.O 565(I)/2006 dated 05.06.2006 18-10-2018
1265(I)/2018 Supersession of S.R.O 640(I)/2018 dated 24.05.2018 (Regulatory Duty) 16-10-2018
1266(I)/2018 Amendment in S.R.O 630(I)/2018 dated 24.05.2018 16-10-2018
1200(I)/2018 The R.D has been withdrawn on LPG 03-10-2018
1011(I)/2018 Amendment in Notification No. 645(I)/2018 dated 24-05-2018 15-08-2018
861(I)/2018 Amendment in notification S.R.O 1090(I)/2010 dated 01-12-2010 09-07-2018
862(I)/2018 Amendment in notification S.R.O 42(I)/2014 dated 20-01-2014 09-07-2018
863(I)/2018 Amendment in Notification S.R.O 43(I)/2014 dated 20-01-2014 09-07-2018
848(I)/2018 Amendment in S.R.O 630(I)/2018 dated 24-05-2018 04-07-2018
847(I)/2018 Rescind S.R.O 48(I)/2018 dated 23-01-2018 04-07-2018