Amending SROs / Archived Notifications

Amending SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
1247(I)/2015 Regulatory Duty (RD) on maize omitted from SRO 482(I)/2009 17-12-2015
1189(I)/2015 Amendments in S.R.O 693(I)/2006 01-12-2015
1190(I)/2015 Amendment in S.R.O 482(I)/2009 01-12-2015
1175(I)/2015 Amendment in SRO 577(I)/2005 30-11-2015
1177(I)/2015 Amendment in S.R.O 568(I)/2014 30-11-2015
1178(I)/2015 Levy of 1% Additional Custom Duty on imports of goods specified in first schedule of Customs ACT 30-11-2015
1055(I)/2015 Imposition of regulatory duty on import of Cotton yarn & Cotton fabrics ...... 30-10-2015
979(I)/2015 Revised / Enhanced Duty Draw Back rates. 06-10-2015
923(I)/2015 Duty Drawback Rates on export of finished leather 08-09-2015
840(I)/2015 New procedure for Import & Export (roads) at Border / Customs Stations 20-08-2015
681(I)/2015 Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 43(I)/2014 dated 20th January, 2014 15-07-2015
682(I)/2015 Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 42(I)/2014 dated 20th January, 2014. 15-07-2015
683(I)/2015 Amendment in Notification No S.R.O 1090(I)/2010 dated 1st December, 2010 15-07-2015
---(I)/2015 Amendment in the Customs Rules, 2001. 08-07-2015
601(I)/2015 Amendment in Notification No. S.R.O 568(I)/2014 dated the 26th June, 2014 30-06-2015