Amending SROs / Archived Notifications

Amending SROs
SRO Title Issue Date
593(I)/2020 Exemption of Customs duty on import of oxygen and oxygen cylinders 01-07-2020
572(I)/2020 Levy of additional Customs duty on import of goods specified in the First Schedule 30-06-2020
573(I)/2020 Further amendments in SRO 680(I)/2019 dated 28th June, 2019 30-06-2020
574(I)/2020 Further amendment shall be made in SRO 1640(I)/2019, dated 31st December, 2019 30-06-2020
575(I)/2020 Further amendment shall be made in SRO 1261(I)/2007, dated 31st December, 2007 30-06-2020
235(I)/2020 Exemption of Customs duty, Regulatory duty and additional Customs duty on medical and testing equipment regarding out-break of COVID-19 20-03-2020
218(I)/2020 International Transhipment Rules, 2020 10-03-2020
166(I)/2020 Amendment in S.R.O 645(I)/2018 dated the 24th May, 2018 03-03-2020
127(I)/2020 Amendment in S.R.O 680(I)/2019 dated 28th June 2019 24-02-2020
122(I)/2020 Amendment in Notification No. 1090(I)/2010 dated 1st December, 2010 21-02-2020
119(I)/2020 Withdrawal of Regulatory Duty on Import of Wheat 19-02-2020
101(I)/2020 Risk Management System Rules 04-02-2020
37(I)/2020 Amendment in S.RO. 670(I)/2019, dated 28.06.2019 21-01-2020
38(I)/2020 Amendment in S.RO. 680(I)/2019, dated 28.06.2019 21-01-2020
1641(I)/2019 Draft Amendments - Risk Management System Rules 06-01-2020