Service Providers

HS Code Services
Heading Description
9812.92 Trunk radio services
9812.93 Paging services
9812.94 Voice paging services
9812.941 Radio paging services
9812.949 Vehicle tracking services.
9812.95 Burglar alarm services.
9812.909 Others
98.13 Services provided or rendered by banking companies, insurance companies, cooperative financing societies, modarabas, musharikas, leasing companies, foreign exchange dealers, non-banking financial institutions and other persons dealing in any such services
9813.1 Services provided or rendered in respect of insurance to a policy holder by an insurer, including a reinsurer.
9813.11 Goods insurance
9813.12 Fire insurance
9813.13 Theft insurance
9813.14 Marine insurance
9813.15 Life insurance
9813.16 Other insurance