Service Providers

HS Code Services
Heading Description
9813.48 Bill discounting commission
9813.49 Safe deposit lockers
9813.491 Safe vaults
9813.5 Issuance, processing and operation of credit and debit cards
9813.6 Commission and brokerage of foreign exchange dealings.
9813.7 Automated Teller Machine operations, maintenance and management.
9813.8 Service provided as banker to an issue
9813.81 Other
9813.9 Service provided or rendered by a foreign exchange dealer or exchange company or money changer
98.14 Services provided or rendered by architects, town planners, contractors, property developers or promoters, interior decorators.
9814.1 Architects or town planners
9814.2 Contractors of building (including water supply, gas supply and sanitary works), roads and bridges, electrical and mechanical works (including air conditioning), horticultural works, multi-discipline works (including turn-key projects) and
9814.3 Property developers or promoters
9814.4 Landscape designers
9814.9 Other