The World Bank Reports for Pakistan

World Bank (WB) Reports
Date Type Report No File Name Download
01-10-2016 Brief 109329 Pakistan : does sharing test scores with parents improve student learning? Download Now
01-10-2016 Working Paper 109252 Pakistan - Country snapshot Download Now
01-07-2016 ESMAP Paper 108847 Solar resource mapping in Pakistan : technical document : ESMAP tier two : meteorological station installation report for University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan Download Now
01-07-2016 Working Paper 107200 Biomass resource mapping in Pakistan : final report on biomass atlas Download Now
09-06-2016 Working Paper ACS18643 Strengthening sector decision making through water and sanitation service delivery assessments in Pakistan : completion summary Download Now
06-06-2016 Working Paper ACS18655 Pakistan - Scaling up rural sanitation and hygiene in Pakistan : completion summary Download Now
06-05-2016 Working Paper ACS18400 Pakistan - Strengthening local providers for improved rural water supply in Pakistan Download Now
06-04-2016 Brief 104853 Pakistan - Gulpur hydro Download Now
01-04-2016 Working Paper 104831 Pakistan development update : from stability to prosperity - April 2016 Download Now
23-03-2016 Brief 104609 Pakistan - Current status Download Now
01-03-2016 Brief 106416 Basic profile of early childbirth in Pakistan Download Now
01-03-2016 Brief 106415 Basic profile of child marriage in Pakistan Download Now
23-12-2015 ESMAP Paper 108464 Biomass resource mapping in Pakistan : implementation report - December 2015 Download Now
14-12-2015 Policy Research Working Paper WPS5713 Toward a more business friendly tax regime : key challenges in South Asia Download Now
11-11-2015 Journal Article 104049 The heterogeneous effects of a food price crisis on child school enrolment and labor : evidence from Pakistan Download Now