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Exemption from one percent ‘further sales tax’: FBR to issue list of items, categories of registered persons

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The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to issue a list of items and categories of registered persons under the Sales Tax Act, 1990 on which one percent ‘further sales tax’ would not be applicable with effect from July 1, 2013. Sources told Business Recorder hereon Thursday that the FBR was seriously working on giving relief of one percent further sales tax to end consumers.

The recently introduced levy of one percent further tax through Finance Act, 2013 would not be applicable on petroleum products, natural gas and items which are being sold to end consumers. Sources further stated that in this regard FBR would shortly notify the S.R.O wherein list of items and category of registered persons will be provided on which exemption from one percent further sales tax shall be available.

When contacted a tax expert said that various sectors of economy requested the government to withdraw the levy of further sales tax to avoid increase in the prices of consumers’ goods and daily use commodities. While FBR is of the view that further sales tax burden on the unregistered persons would force them to come into the sales tax net. The burden of sales tax would increase on supplies to the unregistered persons. However, if the supplies have been made to the registered persons, there is no increase in sales tax burden. This one percent further tax would force the unregistered persons to come into the tax net and pay the due amount of taxes.

The concept of further sales tax is not new in Pakistan’s Sales tax history and the old regime of ‘further sales tax’ has been restored through Finance Act, 2013. In budget 2004-05, the FBR had abolished “further tax”. The restoration of one percent ‘further sales tax’, under Sales Tax Act 1990, is an easy way to generate additional amount to the tune of billions per annum.

Tax expert said that “further tax” was abolished in the 2004 budget, with the intention to control the phenomenon of fake and flying sales tax invoices. At that time, the levy was generating an additional amount of sales tax to the tune of billions. ‘Further tax’ was levied on supplies made to unregistered persons, which was later abolished through amendment to the Sales Tax Act.

Source: Brecorder